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Bounty St Lucia Rum Coconut (70cl)

£24.49 GBP

Bounty St Lucia Rum Coconut (70cl)

Brand: St Lucia Distillers

Alcohol type: Rum

Flavour: Coconut

Unit count: 700.0 millilitre

Number of items: 1

Alcohol content: 20 Percent by Volume

Liquid content description: Liquor and Spirits

Item form: Liquid

Liquid volume: 700 Millilitres

THE SPIRIT OF SAINT LUCIA!: BOUNTY rum is produced by St. Lucia Distillers which is located in the scenically beautiful and agriculturally rich valley of Roseau on the Caribbean island of St Lucia.

BOUNTY COCONUT is ideal for many exotic cocktails including the classic Piña Colada !

BLEND : Natural coconut extracts and sugars are macerated with rum at double strength. The rum is then diluted with distilled water and natural sugar to create BOUNTY Coconut Rum Liqueur.

TASTING NOTES :BOUNTY COCONUT is bursting with fresh coconut aromas and a creamy boiled sweet character. Refreshingly smooth mouth feel with luscious warm coconut and fresh tropical fruit flavor. BOUNTY COCONUT is excellent with club soda and lime.

BOUNTY COCONUT PINEAPPLE : a Simple and fruity cocktail 60ml Bounty Coconut 100ml pineapple juice 1 quarter lime METHOD : 1- In an ice filled glass, squeeze the lime 2- Pour the Bounty Coconut and pineapple juice 3- Stir with a bar spoon and enjoy !