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HC Black Seed Oil Honey

£8.99 GBP

HC Black Seed Oil Honey


Our exclusive product, black seed infused honey, is a unique blend of 100% pure honey and freshly ground Egyptian Black Seed (nigella Sativa). This concoction in a single jar is designed to enhance your health by fortifying your immune system.

Our Finest Real British Honey is blended with top-grade, organically sourced Nigella Sativa seeds, which are NON-GMO, to create a unique black seed infused honey. This product not only boasts numerous health benefits but also provides an overall boost. The black seed was a beauty secret of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who used it to keep her skin flawless. This ancient ingredient has been treasured by various civilisations over centuries for its extraordinary benefits and is now gaining recognition for its extensive applications.

Organic Raw Honey of Superior Quality: The black seed honey from Mujeza is meticulously obtained and processed to deliver you the purest and finest form of natural, organic honey.

Mujeza Honey : Mujeza Honey provides the pinnacle of pure Sidr honey. This organic raw honey is meticulously prepared to maintain its genuine quality and authenticity.

PURE NATURAL HONEY: We ensure our honey is never heated or filtered, thereby maintaining all the innate enzymes, nutrients, consistency, taste, hue, and health advantages that make our raw unfiltered honey so precious.

TASTY AND MULTIFACETED: Our raw natural honey serves as a delightful substitute for refined sugars. You can incorporate it into your favorite drinks, use it to sweeten your dishes naturally, or pour it over desserts for a healthier yet delicious option.

CERTIFIED AND ORGANIC: Our raw organic honey is guaranteed to come from farms that are devoid of chemicals and pesticides, fulfilling the strictest organic standards.

Other Health Benefits:

• A study conducted using Sprague Dawley rats shows that the consumption of black seed honey is safe and has no adverse or delayed toxicity effects.

• Our products can boost your immunity, fight cancer and reduce allergic reactions as the black seed is an antihistamine.

• It possesses anti-diabetic properties by reducing blood sugar levels and increasing the insulin levels

• It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swellings

• Its anti-microbial properties enable it to treat ulcers and other digestive tract infections. It can as well treat skin infections such as acne

• Lastly, our pure black seed honey improves pulmonary function in the case of chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and can as well treat hay fever.

Closer to you than you ever thought, you have these benefits when you buy our pure honey with black seed in the UK. Our Honey is sourced in the EU from Organic Apiaries and packed in the UK.