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Maggi Star Seasoning (25 cubes)

£1.89 GBP

Maggi Star Seasoning (25 cubes)

Fortified with iron and contains iodizedsalt, fermented soya and mixed spices. It is the best seasoning for soups, stews, grills and marinades.

Preparation: Use 5cubes in cooking a dish for 6 people, do not add salt.

Available Sizes: Maggi Star Cube 4g (100 units of 4g cubes per Satchet, 500 units of 4g cubes, 25 units of 4g cubes and 2500 units of 4g per case)


Ingredients list

Ingredients: Iodized salt, Sugar, Flavour enhancers: Sodium glutamate, Sodium guanylate, Sodium inosinate, ; Starch, Hydrolysed soya beans, Refined palm oil, Colour: Caramel E150c; Water, Onion, Iron pyrophosphate, Emulsifier: Soya lecithin:Chilli, Pepper, Clove, Yeast extract. Contains: Soya