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Puregro Jumbo Oats (1KG)

£1.99 GBP

For making porridge.

Ideal for making flapjacks.

Add to bread and rolls.

Perfect for adding to home made granola.

No salt or sugar added.

Packed in the UK.

1kg pack.

These are the plain, natural, whole grain of the oat (minus the outer husk) rolled to make large flakes known as Jumbo Oats. They can be used in porridge, where the larger oat size will make for a chunkier porridge which is less mushy than with the smaller rolled oats. They can also be cooked into flapjacks and cookies, as well as bread and rolls. They can also be used simply as a breakfast cereal, with milk as normal.

These oats can be cooked into porridge, but will take longer to soften than ready-prepared porridge oats. Jumbo oats are particularly suited to recipes where a crispy crumbly texture is required such as cookies, sweet and savoury crumbles. You can pre-soak the oats overnight if you wish to allow for quicker cooking of porridge.