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Tropical Sun Ijebu Gari (1.5kg)

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TS Ijebu Gari (1.5kg)

Loved across Africa, Gari (often spelt Garri) is an incredibly versatile ground food that is eaten as a snack and used as an ingredient in many traditional African dishes. Made from ground, sieved and fried cassava tubers, Gari is ready-to-eat straight from the pack and is a key ingredient in many African dishes including Eba, Kokoro and Gari Foto.

Tropical Sun produces 3 types of gari: traditional, yellow and Ijebu.

White Gari has a coarse grain.

Yellow Gari has a coarse grain and has been fried with palm oil to achieve the yellow colour.

Ijebu Gari has a fine grain and more sour flavour than White and Yellow Gari.