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White Pearl Basmati Rice (500g)

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White Pearl Basmati Rice (500g)

Supporting Farmers

We believe in giving back to the communities that grow our rice. For 20 years we have, via our charitable foundation, provided the families with education and health services.

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Our pure Basmati Rice is a single variety premium grain selected from known farmers from the West Punjab, the true home of basmati. Aged for up to 18 months, White Pearl Basmati Rice has a milky colour, indicating that it is not over polished and hence retains more nutrients, flavour and aroma. This ensures the superior quality.


White Pearl Basmati Rice is extremely versatile and is used in most cuisines including English, Chinese and Indian dishes.

Low fat

Suitable for vegetarians

Pack size: 500G

Low fat

Produce of

Produced of Pakistan, Milled and packed in the UK