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Your journey with Montego's Food Market is our pride and we can't wait to make this year extra special together.


The weather is getting warmer and the days are growing longer which can only mean one thing: spring is nearly upon us. With thoughts of spring come a fresh renewal to the landscape and the ability to get outdoors more without having to remember our cold weather gear. Spring also means healthier eating as spring veggies will be showing up at local markets and farm stands everywhere.
Seasonal Eating
We know so much of what you want is available to you immediately but there is something much more mindful and pleasurable about considering eating seasonally. Much like we love certain carb-heavy foods that we love to eat during winter, it’s fun to be guided by what’s naturally available in spring. Seasonal eating is generally based on the local harvest and what is growing in our region of the world right now.
Largest Selection Of Afro-Caribbean Foods
Seasonal eating for spring usually means healthy snacks that can fill us up. This enables us to eat light without being hungry all day and perhaps even get in shape for the coming summer season. For many, that also means shopping at Montego’s for the freshest and most versatile selection of Afro-Caribbean foods and fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables available in Bedfordshire.
So, what’s popular this spring at Montego’s? Aside from the area’s largest selection of fresh fruits and veggies and authentic Afro-Caribbean seasonings and spices, Montego is now carrying a wide range of products from The Original Patty Co.
The Original Patty Co. is known for baking delicious and deep-filled authentic Jamaican Patties and they have been in business for over 50 years in England. In fact, people everywhere rave about the taste and quality The Original Patty Co.’s products have to offer. With a 100% flavour satisfaction guarantee and the freshest ingredients cooked into every hand-crafted patty, your taste buds will thank you with every bite.
Full Range Of The Original Patty Co.’s Delicious Varieties
Montego’s carries the full range of The Original Patty Co.’s delicious varieties including Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Salt Fish, Jerk Chicken, Lamb and Chicken & Sweetcorn.
So, if you are hungry for something healthy and delicious, give us a try and experience the quality and value you will only find at Montego’s today.
Contact Montego’s
To learn more, contact Montego’s today and shop a wide selection of high-quality foods.
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