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Sea Food

Another important type of food is seafood, which includes many kinds of fish as well as shellfish and other sea creatures like squid. Some kinds of seafood are raised in ponds or in cages in the sea, but most of the fish we eat are taken alive from the ocean by big commercial fishing boats.

Fish are an important source of protein that can be eaten raw, as in Japanese sashimi, or kept for future use by being pickled, as in pickled herring, by being smoked, as in smoked salmon, or by being canned, as in canned tuna. But most fish is cooked either by frying, baking, grilling or steaming.

Many other sea creatures can also be eaten, including some with an outer shell you have to remove before getting to the soft flesh inside. This type of seafood includes lobsters, crabs, crayfish, prawns and shrimp, a smaller relative of the prawn


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