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Your journey with Montego's Food Market is our pride and we can't wait to make this year extra special together.
ALOO (POTATO-PIE) RECIPE 🥮😋 - Montego's Food Market


These savory snacks, which hail from Trinidad and Tobago, are made all over the Caribbean Islands.
Housewives pride themselves on a delicate touch with the dough but they are often street fare as well, ready for students and workers to grab for a snack on the run.
If you have never tried one before you are in for a treat!
These are delicious and the dough, I experiment with dough a lot and so far this is my favorite.
Can make half the size suggested below for interesting cocktail party appetizers.
This pie with chutney is dangerous. Spicy and sweet together – OH MY! They make a perfect pair.
More shortcuts, you can use filo dough, instead of making your own pie dough. In this Aloo pie, I threw in some vegetables and more spice s in the mix.
You can do the same or if looking for a traditional aloo pie just go with the potatoes only. I toned done the heat level so that my little one can have some.


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