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Caribbean Gold Peppermint, Black Sage, Seamoss & Sarsaparilla

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Caribbean Gold Peppermint, Black Sage, Seamoss & Sarsaparilla

A combination that fuses a classic flavour of herbal tea with the best the Caribbean has to offer in terms of natural ingredients. Peppermint, which is so refreshing on a hot day and can also ease the discomfort of a blocked nose and headache for anybody feeling poorly, is consumed the world over, but it is not usually blended with the other elements used here. This daring and original infusion is also a good 'pick me up', likely to enable anybody to reset if they are in the midst of a challenging moment.

Black Sage has long been greatly prized for anti-inflammatory properties that soothe throat infections and promote healthy skin, while Sea Moss is another traditional Caribbean ingredient, particularly trusted by 'big people', that has a significant amount of the fibre needed to maintain a good digestive system and ward off any niggling problems with the intestine. All these elements significantly shape the central character of this blend, which is as kind to the stomach as it is pleasant on the palate.

Last but not least is the kick provided by sarsparilla, a plant found in the Caribbean and Central America that is known first and foremost for its sweetness, thus bringing a burst of energy to the tea. But sarsparilla, often used for soft drinks, has more to offer than a welcome hit on the taste buds. It is known to be good for both skin and joints due to the presence of saponins in the plant, which has long been used in traditional remedies. Together these four mighty ingredients create a tea that is full of flavours and aromas that are both strong and subtle, vividly underlining the abundance of roots and herbs to be found in the land of 'green, black and gold.'