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Caribbean Gold

Caribbean Gold Sorrel Rosehip & Stevia

Caribbean Gold Sorrel Rosehip & Stevia

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Caribbean Gold Sorrel Rosehip & Stevia

In contrast to some of the other blends that comprise five or seven ingredients this item uses three elements but still makes for a memorable drinking experience. First and foremost there is hibiscus, one of the most recognizable and majestic of tropical plants known for its large flopping yellow petals that release a vibrantly sharp taste when they are soaked in water, after which the liquid takes on a dramatic ruby-red hue. Fruity and tasty, hibiscus tea is also renowned for its high levels of carotene and vitamin C, and its ability to help lower blood pressure and combat troublesome inflammation that befalls many people who lead a demanding and stressful life.

Hibiscus is combined here with rosehip, also rich in vitamin C and widely used as a beverage that brings a degree of relief to joint pain, and in the best case scenario it can prevent any worsening of muscle problems. In addition rosehip has a mildly sweet, sharp taste that fuses very effectively with the hibiscus without being overwhelming.

Also adding to that enjoyment for the tea lover is the presence of the final ingredient, stevia, which has a sweetness of its own even though it is far from sugary. In fact, the aftertaste has a subtle bitterness that brings contrasts to this tea. More importantly, the plant extract has a zero calorie and carbohydrate count, and is recommended to anybody who is mindful of weight gain. Together the three elements of this blend create a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts, in terms of the impact on the taste buds as well as on mood and wellbeing. And, as is the case with our entire range, the combination has been chosen precisely because it creates something that is unique and sure to appeal to whoever seeks a beverage that simply can't be found elsewhere

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