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Cerelac Baby Rice (400g)

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Cerelac Baby Rice (400g)

Local guidelines support the introduction of iron-rich foods, such as fortified infant cereals, as ideal first foods. Nestlé CERELAC Baby Rice contains single grains and is rich in iron, containing on average 50% of the RDI* per serve. When prepared, it has a smooth texture ideal for babies from 4 months. CERELAC also contains probiotic Bifidus BL, and can be easily mixed with a teaspoon of your baby's favourite vegetable or fruit puree for a tasty variation. CERELAC Baby Rice is not recommended for infants under 4 months of age.

*Recommended dietary intake for infants up to 6 months


Rice Flour (Contains Soy), Vegetable Oils, Maltodextrin, Vitamin C, Mineral (Iron), Culture (Bifidus), Antioxidants (Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate, Ascorbyl Palmitate).

Contains Soy.

May contain Milk.

Nutritional information

CERELAC is made with a special technology called CHE (Cereals Hydrolysed Enzymatically) which breaks down the carbohydrates into smaller components.

Made with carefully selected wholesome grains, CERELAC contains:

Iron: Containing an average of 50% of your baby's iron RDI per serve, iron is a key mineral that supports the functioning of your baby's immune system and assists in carrying oxygen within the body, such as the muscles and the brain.

Vitamin C: KKey antioxidant and can help the body absorb iron and assist in immune system functioning.

Probiotic Bifidus BL: A probiotic similar to those found in the digestive system of breastfed babies.

Include CERELAC as part of a varied diet.