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Chubby Pineapple (250ml)

£1.50 GBP

Pineapple Sunshine Soda – with its bright color, and bold pineapple taste, Pineapple Sunshine will joy with its fizzy sensation

The particularity of Chubby is that it only available in little bottles of 250ml. It advertised as ‘Kids Soda’ because it supposed to be consumed by children with the age of 4 to 9. Every flavor of Chubby is made with cane sugar.

Perfect snack beverage for kids

Fortified with a good source of VITAMIN C of 15% RDA

Choice of 6 fun fantasy flavors from the Caribbean

Kid friendly bottle design – easy to hold

Contains 6 bottles of 8oz soda per case.

Chubby Soda has less sugar than most “all natural” juice brands and is well under the recommended 10% maximum daily sugar caloric intake

Chubby Soda has a unique bottle shape, delicious and fun flavors, bright colors, and fun-loving character which is ideal for kids

Chubby Soda is caffeine-free

Include Chubby sodas in your kids’ daily routine for a good source of vitamin C