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Dees Fine Cornmeal (1.5kg)

£3.49 GBP

PREMIUM QUALITY - Dees Fine Cornmeal (1.5kg) is finely milled to a smooth texture, ensuring a high-quality product ideal for a variety of recipes.

VERSATILE IN THE KITCHEN - Perfect for creating a range of dishes, from traditional Caribbean recipes to Italian Polenta, Cornbread, Puddings, and more, allowing culinary creativity

AUTHENTIC CARIBBEAN STAPLE - A must-have ingredient for anyone looking to explore authentic Caribbean cuisine, it forms the base for many traditional dishes.

HIGH IN FIBRE - A nutritious option, cornmeal is naturally high in dietary fibre, contributing to a balanced diet and healthy digestive system.

LARGE 1.5KG PACK - Generously sized, the 1.5kg pack ensures you have enough cornmeal on hand for multiple uses, offering convenience and value for money.