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Mount Gay Black Barrel (700ml)

£41.99 GBP

Mount Gay Black Barrel (700ml)

Handcrafted rum from Barbados. Double Cask Blend.Mount Gay Black Barrel Barbados Golden Rum is crafted from a blend of intense and aromatic Bajan rums, distilled in traditional copper pot and column stills, matured between 3 to 7 years in American whiskey casks, and finished for 6 months in deeply charred Bourbon casks. Try Mount Gay in a traditional Caribbean cocktail such as the Original Rum Punch, or why not in a Daiquiri: 50ml Black Barrel, 25ml lime juice, 10ml sugar syrup - shaken over ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass or coupe.

Preparation and Usage

It can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in cocktails.

Alcohol by volume: 43%

Origin Information

Country of Origin: Barbados