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Puregro Chana Dal (500g)

£1.29 GBP

Puregro Chana Dal (500g)

The Chana Dal is made from split and polished chickpeas. The taste and appearance are both similar to sweet corn kernels, and it is one of the most popular ingredients in Indian cooking. Chana dal is delicious, nutritious, and easily digestible. The legumes are not only used in soups, salads, curries, dals, savouries, sweets, and rice dishes but are also roasted and ground into chickpea flour (besan), another widely used ingredient in various parts of India.

Nutritional facts

Total Fat: 6 g

Saturated fat: 0.6 g

Sodium: 24 mg

Potassium: 875 mg

Total Carbohydrate: 61 g

Dietary fibre: 17 g

Sugar: 11 g

Protein: 19 g