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Puregro Coarse Black Pepper (100g)

£1.49 GBP

Puregro Coarse Black Pepper (100g)

Did you know that in ancient times when spices were used medicinally, peppercorns were highly prized by the Pharaohs during Egyptian mummification rituals? It didn't take long for the world to clock on to the culinary benefits of this fiery fruit (yes, the peppercorn is a fruit!) and these days, 'black gold' is a staple ingredient in kitchens across the globe.

Combining heat with a sweet aroma, pepper enhances the flavour of meat and vegetables, making it a compulsory component for any dinner table. You might be used to adding this sensational spice as an afterthought, but why not put pepper in the spotlight and try a generous shake in one of these delicious recipes?