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Puregro Paprika (100g)

£0.45 GBP

Puregro Paprika (100g)

Paprika Spanish

Spanish paprika peppers are oak-smoked, which imparts a woody flavour and then ground in stone mills to retain natural flavours, giving the spice its genuine, warm, and subtle flavour that enlivens the dish. The sweet smoked Spanish paprika adds rich colour and taste to paellas, roast potatoes and butternut squash, and flavours marinades for chicken.

Nutrition Per 100g

Energy (Kcal)282

Fat (g)12.89

Saturates (g)2.14

Carbohydrates (g)53.99

Sugars (g)10.34

Fibre (g)34.9

Protein (g)14.14

Salt (g)0.17