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Montego's Smoked Red Herring

£7.99 GBP

Smoked Red Herring

Traditionally an extreme method of smoking a Herring such that it spends several weeks in the smoking kiln. The fish dries and wrinkles and is very salty. Much admired by some fish fans today it is not popular but demand still exists and we do small batch production from time to time.

The fish is normally re-hydrated prior to eating and it is often eaten raw or with minimal cooking.

Traditional Red Herring Whole (Clupea harengus) approx 500g

Ready to Eat or cook.

Approx serving size 100g ea portion

Use within 3 days of opening.

Please beware this product contains bones

Allergens Include Fish

Product can be frozen

Catch Area: Northern North Sea (FAO 27)